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Hey there. I’m Karishma (Kuh-rish-muh). A lot of people call me KB. And I like to eat.

You know when you are filling out an application and it asks you what your “interests” are? There are only two things I can ever think of putting; food and music. I spend most of my free time looking up recipes, making lists of things I want to cook/bake, or searching for new music and carefully compiling playlists (I guess I could also add “list making” to my interests). So if you hadn’t already guessed, this here blog is a place for me to share with you the things I have been baking/cooking. Music is a second love of mine which I incorporate into my blog by sharing a song with each recipe for the pleasure of your eardrums.

After spending 4 years at university and graduating with a degree in Speech & Language Therapy, I decided I wanted to make a living baking/cooking, naturally. I began my career in the food industry in 2015 and have gone from working on a stall to selling my cakes to cafes in London. I have worked in cafes making brunch, baking cakes and cleaning dishes. I’ve done it all! And I couldn’t be happier with the direction my life has gone in.

My current life adventure has taken me to Australia so there’ll be some travel posts thrown into the mix.

KB x

(I apologise in advance for my terrible sense of humour)

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