Adventure Time – Radelaide pt 1

I can’t quite believe it, but I’ve been in Australia for close to 6 months now!  I spent my first 5 weeks holidaying in South Australia before coming to Melbourne to find work.  I’ve been uhming and ahing about documenting my travels on here mainly because it’s primarily supposed to be a food blog. Then I remembered it’s also supposed to be a place where I can get creative and if that means boring you all with my adventure time rambles, then so be it! Seriously though, I miss writing and as always, it feels good to get my fingers typing.  I’ll be writing any travel related posts under the heading of “Adventure Time”, mainly because I love the cartoon and I guess I am on an adventure ?

For this first instalment we’re going to be visiting Adelaide, South Australia and we will be taking a tour of the cafes in and around the city. 

Now people from Victoria and South Australia’s surrounding states may tell you Adelaide is boring. They may question why you went there. They may even be surprised that you flew in to Adelaide! Yep, more than one person was like ? when we said I flew from Singapore to Adelaide. It’s particularly funny to find out that half of these people haven’t actually been to the place themselves! Adelaide is not a big, bustling city like Melbourne, but that’s exactly why I liked it. After living in London for 7 years it was nice to spend time in a slow paced city where people aren’t rushing around all the time. And who cares about the city when you’re surrounded by beautiful beaches and national parks?!

I’ll be splitting this discussion of Cafes into two sections; Brunch and Coffee.


If you’ve heard anything about the food in Australia, you’ve probably heard that they know how to do brunch really well. It’s true. It’s far easier to find an interesting brunch menu over here than it is in England. I’ve seen very few Benedict’s but plenty of innovative ways to serve smashed avocado. Here are my favourite brunch spots in Adelaide…

Pickle in the Middle
Situated in Unley, just south of the CBD, Pickle in the Middle is a “plant-centric” cafe with a love for pickles. Dishes on the menu range from healthier options such as “Breakfast Greens” to the more indulgent, “Black Sesame Overnight Waffles”. The “Cheese ’n’ Pickle Sandwich” made up of parmesan crusted focaccia, mustard pickled courgette (or zucchini as they call it in Australia) and, smoked mozzarella, was a definite favourite of mine. Few things in life are as good as crispy bits of melted cheese. The Mushroom & Grits were a close second. (

Pickle in the Middle // Mushroom & Grits, Cheese & Pickle Sandwich

Karma and Crow 
Karma and Crow can be found in a converted warehouse in Richmond and it is part eatery, part creative hub. The owners wanted to produce a brunch menu that didn’t revolve around eggs, and boy did they do a good job of that. After much deliberation between the sweet and savoury options I opted for the “Ricotta Hot Cakes”, and they were incredible. Wisps of homemade candy floss, or fairy floss, adorned the towering pile of hot cakes. Each element of the dish was delicious with a tremendous amount of attention paid to detail. My mouth is watering just thinking about them now. Unfortunately, I visited Karma and Crow on my last day in Adelaide so I was unable to try more from the menu. Rest assured I will be back there when I return to Adelaide! (

Karma and Crow// Hot Cakes 

Local Crowd
As with the cafes I have mentioned above, Local Crowd is located in a suburb on the outskirts of the CBD rather than in the city itself. Nestled amongst the houses in Colonel Light Gardens, Local Crowd serves brunch dishes with big flavours. Having poached hundreds of eggs in my time as a cafe chef, I rarely choose to eat them when out. Local Crowd’s poached eggs were served with Asparagus, Sweetcorn, Harissa and Dukkah, and they were delicious. So many textures and flavours ?? The dish reminded me of something my favourite cafe, Esters in Stoke Newington, would serve. (

Local Crowd


Before we begin talking about brown beans and hot water, I would like to clarify that I am in no way a coffee expert, but I do enjoy a good pour over ☕️ Making good coffee is another thing Australian’s pride themselves on, with claims being made that bad coffee simply cannot be found over here. With these sentiments in mind, my hopes were set high for the standard of coffee I should expect to find.  I have read that Adelaide’s coffee scene has grown in the past few years with a number of great roastery’s opening, a few of which I managed to visit myself. Exchange Coffee and Elementary Coffee were my two favourite coffee shops.

Exchange Coffee
Located close to Adelaide CBD, Exchange uses coffee by Market Lane, a reputable roastery based in Melbourne. I had a couple of good pour overs here as well as some delicious food. They do this ridiculously good halloumi sandwich called “The Walloumi” which I often find myself thinking back on fondly. Mmmmmm. (
Elementary Coffee
Elementary is a micro roastery and cafe located in the CBD. It is the place to go if you consider yourself a coffee aficionado. The staff are friendly and you can watch the beans being roasted as you sip on your coffee. They do a really good cold brew that can be purchased by the bottle. (

In summary, Adelaide will satisfy all your brunch and coffee needs ?

In the next episode of Adventure Time, we’ll be visiting some National Parks and Botanic Gardens in Adelaide. Until then have a scroll through my instagram ? to see what I’ve been up to.

Before I go, here’s what I’ve been listening to. Thundercat’s latest album is an absolute gem. It’s slightly more accessible than his previous one!

KB x

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