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People have strong opinions when it comes to the appropriate time to start talking about Christmas. I usually try and avoid it until December, but this year I’ve realised it’s just not possible if you want to sell/promote anything Christmas related. So here we are, it’s pretty much mid November and we’re going to talk about it. Whilst we are on the topic of time, where on earth has this year gone?! Am I just getting old and as a result time is going by quicker or has this year flown by faster than any other year? I am hoping for the latter. 

This year I began selling cakes for both wholesale and private orders. I’ve slowly but surely perfected recipes using exciting flavours and over the past few months I have developed my cake decorating skills. I would like to continue on in taking orders for the festive season ?? whether you’re after my crumble mince pies (??click link to find out more & see pic below ??) a customised cake, or even a Christmassy afternoon tea (I’ve already got one booked in) I hope there’s something I can bake for you ?


Why KB.eats?
Seeing as I don’t have an extensive collection of Christmassy items on offer you may be wondering why you’d want to order a anything from me? Well firstly, I believe Christmas isn’t just about Mince Pies and Christmas pudding. It’s about ALL the treats and I’d like to think I can come up with something special just for you. Secondly, I only use the best quality ingredients. These include; yeo valley dairy, organic eggs, unrefined sugars, local/seasonal fresh produce and ethically sourced spices. Based on seasonal produce available I come up with personalised cakes for every order. I recently made a Brown Butter & Lemon cake w/ Lemon Curder & Cream Cheese Icing which went down very well!  See the pictures below to get an idea of the cakes I have made or check out instagram.com/kb.eats.

My cakes may not be covered in fondant icing and probably seem visually simplistic compared to some but the flavours speak for themselves. You won’t be disappointed ?

So, if you’ve got a party coming up or just want to treat yourself then look no further. For prices and order enquires please email me on eatskb@gmail.com

Orders must be placed with a minimum of 2 weeks notice. Delivering in and around Woodley. Please do not hesitate to enquire about orders for outside the Reading area, we may be able to figure something out.  

round-cakes-2 round-cakes

Here’s Mac deMarco singing “White Christmas” to get you in the spirit of things ?

KB x

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