Darkest Peru

I’m off to Peru today! That unfortunately means you’re going to be without any new recipes from me for at least 6 weeks. Crickey. That’s a long time isn’t it! Don’t you worry though, I will endeavour to share pictures with you as often as I can. Whilst I am in Peru, I will be volunteering at school for kids with special needs for 4 weeks. The company, Projects Abroad, who organise the voluntary work, have provided me with a blog through which to share my ramblings with all of y’all, so once I’ve got that all set up and running I will send you a link! Following my voluntary work I will be exploring Cusco and the surrounding area for a bit, yes, that means I will be going on an Inca Trail and seeing Macchu Picchu! How exciting 🙂  I will be staying with a host family so that means I will be well and truly immersed in the Peruvian culture, most importantly I’ll get to try proper Peruvian food! I have heard they eat a lot of quinoa! I need to go check my bag is already so I must dash!
Until we speak again….

KB x

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