End of Term Madness…

…sorry for the lack of new posts, uni has been hectic. One deadline down, one more to go, and only 8 days until my Christmas holidays. My last ever, one month long Christmas holiday 🙁
You are gonna be in for a treat over Christmas, I have sooo many things I want to make! I made a list and everything! I have been looking at/ working on recipes for; Christmas dinner with my pals, Christmas dinner with my family, the best banana bread, Christmas spiced cinnamon rolls, and a few surprises I can’t tell you about just yet!
In the meantime enjoy these teacakes I made over the summer. Just look at that them, fresh from the oven, butter melting…mmmmm……

IMG_2203 IMG_2207

KB x

p.s. 20 days until Baby Jesus’ birthday and more importantly 13 days until mine!

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