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good-foodWithout checking my bank balance, I can assure you that 90% of the money I have left after paying my rent, goes on food. I am one of those people who will think about their next meal before the current one is eaten. Food is on my mind a lot of the time. I will never refer to myself as a foodie though. Just like I will never say “nom nom nom”. Do people actually say that anymore? I feel like “foodie” carries a certain of air snobbery with it. Yes, I am particular about what I eat, but I also have eaten pot noodle for dinner  (in last 4 months if we’re being real).

Ask me what pubs are good in London I would probably only be able to name a handful. But ask me to recommend a pizza place in central London and I will give you at least two options and a long list of reasons why I like them. Over my years of living in London I’ve tried and tested many restaurants, cafes, food stalls and bakeries so I thought it was about time I document my favourites.

I will be discussing the spots I’ve frequented the most over the next three posts; Good Foods, Cafe Life and Sweet Treats.
I’ve always said don’t want to be a review writing blogger, mainly because I don’t think my opinion is of much value. If I like a place, I will visit it again and tell my friends about it. If I don’t, I won’t. Also, I don’t have the necessary skills  write a coherent review. So do not consider the following few posts reviews, think of them more like a (one sided) conversation between the two of us about all things food and coffee in London. 

Good Foods

We’re gonna start with restaurants first. I’ve decided to split Good Foods into two; pizza and other. Pizza, of course, deserves a category of it’s own as it is probably my favourite food and it has been for as long as I can remember. One time, when I was about 10, I cried because I didn’t want to share my pizza with a family friend who was only 5 at the time. That’s how deep my love is.


HOMESLICE Shoreditch/Fitzrovia/Neal’s Yard
Homeslice is my number one gurl ? It was love at first slice. Homeslice serves 20” pizzas with the most delicious toppings. I was pretty adamant that pizza’s with white sauce were never as good until I went to Homeslice and sampled their mushroom bad boy. Oh and the one they do with cauliflower cheese sauce is incredible. Yes, you could argue these pizzas aren’t traditional but the outrageously delicious flavour combinations they have chosen work so so well, it really doesn’t matter. The base is the perfect thickness and has the right amount of chew to it. The pizzas are served on a wooden board with nothing but paper plates for you to eat off. It’s perfect. Oh also, you can have two different toppings on one pizza. I’d say one between two is a the perfect amount. I want one now.

Recommendations: mushroom, pumpkin seeds, ricotta & chilli is a must and the cauliflower cheese, aubergine, spinach & Harissa is equally as essential.
Best For: Size of ‘za & Locations

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YARD SALE Lower Clapton/ Finsbury 
I first noticed Yard Sale on my way to work. It was actually their A board that caught my attention because someone had drawn Prismo on it ? He’s a character from Adventure Time. So I googled it to discover it was a pizza place. We all know if there’s one thing I love as much as pizza, it’s cartoons, so I thought it would definitely be worth a try. Like Homeslice, Yard Sale, gets jazzy with it’s toppings. They also deliver and they are by far the most superior pizza delivery restaurant in London. I have enjoyed many a Yard Sale from the comfort of my bed whilst watching my fave ‘toons. You know what, I think Yard Sale and Homeslice both share the biggest slice of my heart. I don’t know if I’d be able to pick a favourite of the two, it would probably vary depending on what toppings I fancied at the time.

Recommendations: the TSB and Marmite & Cheese Garlic Bread
Best For: Take Away

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SUD ITALIA  Spitalfields Market
Street food is so in right now, and has become more and more prominent in the food scene. The quality of food produced at food markets now surpasses that of many restaurants in fact! Sun Italia are/is (?!) a little blue van in Spitalfields Market that produces the best sourdough pizzas you’ll get in any market. They have their little oven right in their van and keep their starter for the sour dough in the floor of the van, or so I hear! They’re pretty cheap too, so perfect for lunch or a snack. Pizza can be a snack ?

Recommendations: Can’t go wrong with a classic Margarita from these guys. 
Best For: Street food

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STOKEY BEARS ??? Stoke Newington
I think Stokey Bears may be my most visited restaurant in London. I consider myself a bit of regular. I celebrated my birthday there last month, and had the best time. I love it. They make burgers, the best burgers in town might I add. As a veggie it is hard to find a burger place that caters for veggies without seeming to resent them. No, a portobello mushroom and halloumi is not a burger. Neither is a stack of peppers and halloumi. And there is no way either of those things are worth £7.50+, as some places charge. Stokey Bears’ vegetarian option is the Koala Bear ?, a spicy bean burger with American cheese, avocado salsa and some sort of yoghurty sauce. It’s the best. I’m really gonna miss them burgs in fact ? And it’s not just their burgers that are good. Their mac and cheese balls are waaaaaaay better than those I’ve eaten at places like Pizza Pilgrims. The place itself is super cool with loud music and the nicest servers. Go. Now.

Recommendations: koala bear, angry cheese fries and mac & cheese balls (my standard order)

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THE ATHENIAN East/South/Central (everywhere)
The Athenian sell Souvlaki; greek fast food made of pieces of grilled meat/veg served in a pita wrap with chips in. Thats right, the chips are in it. The veggie option offered by these guys is veg + halloumi. The halloumi is award winning and they give you so much! Usually people are quite tight with the amount of halloumi they use, not these guys though. I’ve ordered the double halloumi a few times and have had to take a bit out because there was too much?! The wraps come slathered in an array of tasty sauces. They do a delicious range of sides and starters too, my favourite being Tyrokafteri; a spicy red pepper and feta dip served with pita. So in summary, loads of halloumi and chips in the wrap.

Recommendations: grilled halloumi souvlaki &  tyrokafteri

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DISHOOM Central/East
I don’t go to Indian restaurants often because no one can cook Indian food like my Mum ?? and thats a fact. I would, however, recommend Dishoom to anyone looking for somewhere to get their curry on in London. The flavours are spot on, it’s not too oily and there’s not a korma in sight! They’ve got a number of locations each decorated as beautifully as the next, each also with long queue outside the door at dinner time too! It’s that good.

Recommendations: black house daal & chocolate chai 


I am going to wrap things up now otherwise you’ll still be sat reading this when I am back from Aus. Before I end this post though, there are a few other places I need to mention to you:

Yolk– my buddy Nick makes the best dang hollandaise in the world. Seriously. Everything he makes is “slutty” in a butter on everything kind of way. Keep an eye out for his next venture coming v.v. soon.
Padella– The best dang fresh pasta you’ll eat (not in Italy).
Max’s Sandwich Shop– Best dang sandwiches. We’re talking sandwiches that are big enough to be dinner, here.
Koya Bar Japanese food at it’s finest → the breakfast is delicious.
Bone Daddies– Best vegetarian ramen.

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I’m really gonna miss the food in London especially Homelice, Yard Sale, Stokey Bears and The Athenian. I love you guys.

Not gonna leave you without a tune, don’t worry. A current favourite of mine is Bonobo’s new track ft Rhye…

KB x


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