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Cafe Culture CroppedWhether you’re looking to grab a cup of coffee and a slice of cake, or you want some brunch, there is an abundance of cafe’s in London and trying to pick one to go to can seem like a daunting task.  On today’s talking tour of London, I’m taking you to my favourite cafes that I like for their coffee/food/cakes. If these aren’t the droids you are looking for, and you’re in search for dinner/lunch spots, check out the previous post in the KB.eats series; Good Foods aka my favourite restaurants.

I’ve put together a little table of my favourites because visuals make life easier, right? I’m not a fan of reading wordy reviews about places, just give me something I can look at and instantly know the score. Just to warn you, this isn’t a comprehensive guide, with details about coffee flavour notes etc. It’s the ramblings of the layman. 

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Here’s the table, which was a joy to make by the way.  I love making tables and formatting stuff ? The below is a list of the places I like to go for coffee and/or brunch. They’re baristas are skilled but unpretentious, their menus are innovative, and they use the best quality ingredients/coffee beans.
So the columns are coffee, brunch, cakes and pastries, overall rating, where to find it, other comments.

? daaaang (that’s amazing)
? good
?? ok
〰️ I’ve not tried their offerings so cannot judge
✖️ They do not serve

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Cafe websites: Caravan, CreamEsters, Federation Coffee, Friends of Ours, Milk, Origin, Workshop Coffee, Tap

I considered talking my top few cafes in detail but I think the emojis portray my feelings nicely.  In summary, Ester’s is the best cafe and Origin is the best coffeeshop.



But why do I think these things I hear you (probably not really though) ask?
It doesn’t take me long to cast judgement on a cafe. I survey my surroundings, scan the menu and suss out the attitude of the staff. The Coffee world is a somewhat pretentious little bubble and there’s nothing worse than going to order a coffee and being made to feel like an absolute idiot by the person serving you because you don’t have the knowledge. Prufrock, I’m looking at you. I like a cafe where the barista takes the time to explain the different coffees if you look like you’re floundering,  a place where you’re not gonna be judged for ordering something baristas don’t deem to be “correct”, like a skinny large flat white.

Like I said, I don’t know much about coffee. I know Costa and Starbucks are terrible for so many reasons, and I think I know the difference between a Flat White and a Latte. What I definitely know is that I like to drink filter coffees and usually go for beans with fruity flavour notes. With food, the quality of the ingredients and the abilities of the person cooking with them are crucial in the outcome of the final dish, the same can be said for coffee. Well roasted beans and a skilled barista are key in making a good cuppa Joe.

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(Friends of Ours)

When it comes to brunch, it takes a lot to impress me. You can get brunch everywhere and anywhere these days, therefore one simply must have standards to adhere to (haha). Whatever you do, don’t go to The Breakfast Club. That place is soooo overrated. I just don’t get why they have queues coming out of the door. The food is so average. There’s nothing exciting going on at all. Fair enough if you’re not after excitement though,  each to their own. I want an innovative menu using fresh/seasonal ingredients, where the poached eggs are accompanied by anything but avocado. In fact, I’m probably going to love a menu more if it doesn’t have avocado. Before you lose your minds, I do like avocados. But if I’m out for brunch , I wanna get something I can’t make at home! I’m not going to even start talking about cakes and pastries, as we all know it’s probably going to be even harder to impress me in this area?

And here we end our meandering, rambling, talking tour of London’s Cafe Culture. Next time join me as we stroll down Pudding Lane in KB.eats//Sweet Treats.

Until then, here’s one of my most listened to songs of 2016 Eventually by Tame Impala 



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