Montezuma’s Eco Egg Review

With Lent officially underway, Easter is just (40 days) ’round the corner! That means easter eggs!! There are two things that irritate me about easter eggs:- the amount of packing and poor quality chocolate.

Let’s talk packaging first. With easter eggs there is always a lot of it. Too much of it. You have the unnecessarily big box in which the egg, which is covered in foil, is incased in a plastic mould thing. The foil I get, you gotta keep that egg fresh. And I understand the reasoning behind the plastic, however there is no need for the box now is there really. There is also no need for all that extra plastic around the egg bit (I need to take it easy on the plastic related technical terms). I know these things can be recycled but there is still a lot of waste involved, and it’s definitely not the chocolate that gets chucked away!

So once you get past the hideous mess that is the packaging, you get to the good stuff (or so your hope), the chocolate. I am an unashamed chocolate snob. I despise cream eggs and I generally don’t like chocolate made by cadburys. I like the good stuff, the organic stuff, the stuff with the higher percentage of cocoa.

Enter  Montezuma’s Eco Egg. Could this egg made from organic chocolate with biodegradable packaging be the answer? We will soon find out!

I arose early on Saturday morning to get on with my dissertation writing but I couldn’t bear the thought of doing stats that early, so what better time to eat chocolate than 830am!

The Packaging
I like to recycle as much as I can. In fact, at school we never had paper bins in classrooms so if I was about to chuck a way a pile of paper, I would shove it in my bag to take home and recycle. You’d be right in thinking I was one of the really cool popular kids at school….or not. Even now, I will use unwanted lecture slides etc as scrap paper to make my many lists on. Also I live in a rather eco-friendly house. In fact it was designed to be eco-friendly, with grass on the roof and quadruple glazed windows to provide maximum insulation. In fact the windows are so thick we don’t get any phone signal inside!
The packaging for the eco egg makes me so happy. There is so little of it, but what there is can be easily recycled. The egg is protected nicely by the a shell/case made of biodegradable paper, not the usual excessive amount of cardboard. The foil can also be recycled. I remember at primary school we used to have a foil collection which raised money for guide dogs. Not much help now, to you or me, so I googled it and you can take foil to your local recycling bank (once you have collected a fair amount of course), and some local councils even collect it with your kerbside recycling, so check it out!


The Egg

Now, I am going to be honest with you. I was slightly dubious about how this egg was going to taste. You know all those cartoon character easter eggs taste like cardboard, because you are paying for the picture of spongebob squarepants on the box(?!) not the chocolate, I thought it might be a bit like that. But in this case you were paying for the peace of mind that you were being environmentally friendly. Boy oh boy I couldn’t have been more wrong. The chocolate was deeeeelicious! I told you I was a chocolate snob, but even with my high standards I was impressed, it was…eggsellent, eggseptional…ok I will stop there. I sampled the Milk Chocolate with Sweet Orange egg and I would sample it everyday if I could! The milk chocolate is not too sickly sweet and the orange flavour is not over powering like some other chocolate orange goods available (ahem Terry’s). I gladly polished off the whole egg by myself in 2, maybe 3 days whilst battling through my dissertation.

Hats off to Montezuma for managing to produce a delicious eco-friendly egg! I would recommend it to everyone any anyone. “Where can you buy it from!?” I hear you shout enthusiastically at your computer screen. Holland & Barrett is the answer! Also available is a Dark Chocolate egg with Cocoa Nibs for those of you with less of a sweet tooth. They do cost a bit more than your average egg priced at £7.99, however they are on offer at the mo, two for £11.98.  If you have a loved one (you can count yourself too) who likes to be green but equally enjoys the finer chocolates in life then go get this egg for them (or yourself) NOW! And if I really haven’t sold this particular egg to you then Holland & Barrett to a great range of other organic and dairy-free eggs!

The photo above is not mine, all others are!

Before I bid you farewell and whilst we are on the topic of Easter, guess what I have coming your way…a recipe of Hot Cross Buns!

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