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good-foodWithout checking my bank balance, I can assure you that 90% of the money I have left after paying my rent, goes on food. I am one of those people who will think about their next meal before the current one is eaten. Food is on my mind a lot of the time. I will never refer to myself as a foodie though. Just like I will never say “nom nom nom”. Do people actually say that anymore? I feel like “foodie” carries a certain of air snobbery with it. Yes, I am particular about what I eat, but I also have eaten pot noodle for dinner  (in last 4 months if we’re being real).

Ask me what pubs are good in London I would probably only be able to name a handful. But ask me to recommend a pizza place in central London and I will give you at least two options and a long list of reasons why I like them. Over my years of living in London I’ve tried and tested many restaurants, cafes, food stalls and bakeries so I thought it was about time I document my favourites.

I will be discussing the spots I’ve frequented the most over the next three posts; Good Foods, Cafe Life and Sweet Treats.
I’ve always said don’t want to be a review writing blogger, mainly because I don’t think my opinion is of much value. If I like a place, I will visit it again and tell my friends about it. If I don’t, I won’t. Also, I don’t have the necessary skills  write a coherent review. So do not consider the following few posts reviews, think of them more like a (one sided) conversation between the two of us about all things food and coffee in London. 

?KB.eats Christmas?


People have strong opinions when it comes to the appropriate time to start talking about Christmas. I usually try and avoid it until December, but this year I’ve realised it’s just not possible if you want to sell/promote anything Christmas related. So here we are, it’s pretty much mid November and we’re going to talk about it. Whilst we are on the topic of time, where on earth has this year gone?! Am I just getting old and as a result time is going by quicker or has this year flown by faster than any other year? I am hoping for the latter.