10 Bean Enchiladas

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I am not a morning person. At all. Anyone who has had the misfortune of being with me a) when I have just woken up or b) when I am tired and need my bed, can vouch for that. It has even been suggested that I am like a different person when I am tired. A mean little troll. All I need is a bit of time to thaw, (and some food) and I am ready to face the day! Sort of. Today I woke up slightly less grizzly, because it was sunny! I had two initial thoughts when I saw the sunshine 1) I wish I had my bike and 2) OMG I CAN TAKE GREAT PICTURES OF FOOD WITH THIS LIGHT.

Winter Spice & Apple Cinnamon Rolls

I need to tell you about this awesome film I watched over the weekend. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. You don’t have to have seen the first one to enjoy it, in fact, there is a brief recap at the beginning of the second one that fills you in on what you have missed. Basically, this film is about “Foodimals”; giant food animals, and puns. So many cheesey puns. I LOVED IT. The hero of the story, Flint Lockwood, is a nerdy inventor who is basically trying to save the world from giant food items, and it’s funny. Really funny. I saw The Lego Movie this weekend as well. Also funny. I recommend it. Just to clarify, I don’t just watch animated children’s films. I like Marvel Comic book films and I love Lord of the Rings. I am really boosting my street cred here aren’t I…

Pecan & Chocolate Burnt Banana Bread with Salted Caramel Sauce

You are probably sick and tired of hearing me complain about how busy I am at uni. Tough tatties. It’s my final year and I will cry if I want to. It will all be over in a matter of months don’t worry. I will be handing in my last every piece of coursework on Friday. Then all I have to deal with is the small matter of my dissertation followed by exams! PAH!

My oh my hasn’t this week just flown by! This week I realised the only cure to a bad day is carbs. Preferably fried. Preferably cheesey. Seriously. As soon as you sink your teeth into the greasy goodness of your carb of choice, all your worries will melt away. Who cares if it is bad for you. Your tastebuds sure don’t. I had a hard day at placement. Most people assume Speech and Language therapy is all about stutters/stammers. I will have you know that that is just a teeny weeny specialist area of the profession. My placement is at a Neurological Rehab Centre, and I work with a range of patients from those with Traumatic Brain Injuries to Stroke patients to those with degenerative diseases such as MS and MND. It’s tough but really very interesting.