Cranberry & Orange Meringue Pie

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Pre- Christmas is great. It’s just another excuse to be able to eat until you can eat no more. This year, me and my pals decided to do a proper family Christmas meal. Is it “me and my pals” or “my pals and I”? My pals and I like our food, some of us more than others. For some of us, hanging out always includes food. Whether its poached eggs for breakfast, dominoes for dinner or a light snack of nachos, you could say food is one of the gang. I really have made it sound as if we do nothing but eat, we do do other things. Honest.


Around the time A-Level/GCSE results came out I often had people at work ask me if I got the results I was after. Unfortunately, I took my A-levels 5 years ago and my GCSE’s 7 (aye karumba!) Yep, I turned 23 yesterday. When people ask my age, I still want to say 19. Twenty three. Two three. I AM SO OLD! Soon I will no longer be young enough to get away with being a “young adult”. I will be a fully fledged adult. Naaaaaaaah.

Dried Berries and Pecan Oat Cookies


Ah, home sweet home. I have returned to The Shire from The City. I survived the last few weeks of uni and am ready for a 5 second breather before I get crackin’ with my literature review (I am yet to determine what I actually have to do for this). The great thing about being home, aside from seeing family and friends, is the amount of baking I can do. This is purely because Mother and Father foot the bill for the ingredients 😀 THANKS! So yesterday, I was sitting in the kitchen sorting out the recipes for the things I want to make over Christmas and my Dad presented me with a recipe card for Cranberry and Pecan Oat Cookies and said “So are you going to make these” . Funny thing is, I had picked up the same card from Waitrose but had forgotten all about it. Waitrose recipe cards and their Kitchen magazine are awesome. I love Waitrose. But let’s not get into that, we could be here for a while.