End of Term Madness…

…sorry for the lack of new posts, uni has been hectic. One deadline down, one more to go, and only 8 days until my Christmas holidays. My last ever, one month long Christmas holiday 🙁
You are gonna be in for a treat over Christmas, I have sooo many things I want to make! I made a list and everything! I have been looking at/ working on recipes for; Christmas dinner with my pals, Christmas dinner with my family, the best banana bread, Christmas spiced cinnamon rolls, and a few surprises I can’t tell you about just yet!
In the meantime enjoy these teacakes I made over the summer. Just look at that them, fresh from the oven, butter melting…mmmmm……

Roasted Garlic Macaroni Cheese

P1040772 P1040761

Cheese, glorious cheese. I find it very difficult to accept when someone tells me they don’t like cheese. How can you not?! All good foods have cheese in. ALL OF THEM. Pizza for example. Classic cheese vessel. Maybe it’s because for so many years I was denied the right to cheese for a decade of my life, (yes, thats right. It is a persons right to have access to cheese) due to my dairy product allergy and I now feel the need to make up for lost time. Maybe I just have good tastebuds. Who knows. All I know is you can’t go wrong with topping something off with cheese. I have a few rules when it comes to cheese though, one of them being, it has to be mature cheddar. Anything milder is pointless. You may as well use plastic cheese!

Carrot Cake Cheesecake/ Carrot Cheesecake

I like carrot cake. However, I do not like it when carrot cake has buttercream icing on top. It MUST be cream cheese icing. Not frosting. We are not American. Anyway, This cake takes that carrot cake with cream cheese topping and makes it a 100x better. At the bottom, you have your regular carrot cake then on top you have a whole cheesecake layer of cream cheesey goodness. Not to sure wether this should be called Carrot Cake Cheesecake or Carrot Cheesecake. Or perhaps, Cheesecake with a carrot cake crust, eh eh eh. Snazzy.