Cherry, Marzipan & Pistachio Cake

IMG_6682 DSC_0138Ladies Who Inspire Me
There’s an inordinate amount of bad news to discuss these days. I’ve never been so interested in politics and I’ve become one of those people who argues with racist twerps on the internet. But we’re not even gonna go there. This is a purely positive post which I’d like to dedicate to the go getting ladies out there. With a female PM now leading our country I want to talk about some REAL inspirational ladies.
All the following ladies are STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMEN who I admire for various reasons. Lets discuss.
Reshmi Bennet – Baking Genius
Rebecky Alford – She Gone and Done It
Darshanee Amlani – The Determinator

Pistachio & Almond Porridge Biscuits

DSC_0269 DSC_0257
You thought I’d stopped blogging, didn’t you? I actually thought I wouldn’t be able to anymore but I’m trying to set aside a bit of time. So what on earth have I been up to then?! Well, KB.eats cakes are now being sold in two cafes in Dalston/Hackney. Cooper & Wolf, Chatsworth Road E5, have 2 loaves delivered 4 times a week and Reilly Rocket, Kingsland Road E8, get some treats every weekend. As you can imagine I now spend a whole lot of time baking! As well as that I am working two other jobs!

First Attempt: Rhubarb & Custard Eclairs

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset DSC_0249I very nearly didn’t post this recipe because the eclairs didn’t come out quite as I’d imagined they would. Technically the pastry was, as far as I could tell, great, as was the creme patissiere. It was just the piping of the eclairs that let me down. I chose a nozzle that was too thin so the eclairs didn’t come out quite as wide as they were supposed to which meant that when I sliced them they tore quite easily ?