Leek & Cauliflower Cheese (with Pasta)

P1070661 P1070676I didn’t want to call this a pasta bake. Something about “pasta bake” conjures up images of really sad student dinners or something you have to make as part of food technology at school. As far as I am aware, I have never made a pasta bake. I have made Macaroni Cheese which is not the same. Right? I haven’t used a jar of  “pasta bake ” sauce is what I mean.  I don’t know where my feelings against the bake have come from but they’re are so strong, it took me ages to find a good name for this post.

Brown Butter, Rosemary & Blood Orange Doughnuts

P1070642 P1070618

Some evenings I come home from work, sit down with my notebook and plan recipes. I usually come up ideas on the walk from the tube station to my house. Don’t know why, but that’s always when I get my best ideas. I plan each months recipes based on what’s in season and/or what I fancy making at the time. I had not planned to have two doughnutty recipes this month. But it happened and I doughnut have any regrets.