P1070582 P1070572Up until about 5 minutes ago when I googled “doughnut waffle” I thought I had created something beautiful. So because I thought I’d dreamed up this recipe before I’d made them, after I’d made them and as I ate them, we are pretending I MADE THEM UP. It’s an ingenious idea really. I think anything made into a doughnut is gonna be a pure delight. How could it not be? I’ve already started waffling on…

Halloumi Fajitas

P1070558 P1070538
This is another one of those recipes that has been under my belt for a while now. Before you jump the gun and think “fajitas are easy to make, why are you bothering to post a recipe?!” Well, I am pretty sure you haven’t had them like this before…pretty sure.
What did the cheese say when she saw herself in the mirror?

Baa’s Biscuits

DSC_0174 DSC_0193I have mentioned before that my Mum is probably one of my biggest influences when it comes to cooking. But there is one person who I probably regard as the top dog who my Mum learnt much of her cooking skills from, and that’s my Grandma, Baa. She was the Queen Bee, or should I say the Queen Baa, in the kitchen and I still crave some of the treats she used to make.