Take 2!


Okay,  so I got slightly carried away with summer and I forgot/ couldn’t be bothered to really get this thing going. Well I am ill in bed, on a day that I would really rather be at placement. We were going to go shadow the Speech and Language Therapist on ITU today! Anywhoo. Take 2.

I have at least 15 things I have baked and pictured that I can blog about, so my plan is to do a bit of a back track and post a recipe a week. Maybe even two if I am really procrastinating!

Back to Uni

So I am back in London, to complete my final year of uni. And I am EXCITED. As much as I would love to spend the rest of my life having Wednesday afternoons off for sports (PAH!), and having 4 month long summer holidays, I actually do want to get on with real life…maybe.
I have moved to East Finchley, which I must say is a rather nice area. I got very excited on my first weekend here, when I discovered the wonderful little fuit & veg shops and bakeries, located literally minutes from my house!
My first shopping trip resulted in (from top left) Prickly Pears, a halloumi roll, a few figs and some okra (or Bhinda).
Prickly Pears: I had to google what to do with these things. To be honest I wasn’t even sure when they were ripe and what colour they should be. They were ok. Nothing special. The internet said, that when you juice them they taste like bubblegum. I tasted no such thing. They were just a bit sweet.
Halloumi roll: Everybody loves halloumi. If you don’t, you probably haven’t tried it or you don’t have any taste buds. So this roll, it had a lot of dill in, which I think it could’ve done with out. Also, the halloumi was all on one side. It had halloumi in so it was obviously not bad but it really wasn’t as good as I had expected.
Figs: They were good. Forgot about one in my fruit bowl so it went all squishy and gross.
Bhinda: I don’t know why these are called “ladies fingers”. How many ladies have seen with fingers that look like that?! I made some Pilau rice with half of these and the other half I froze. They were actually good! You won’t find many Gujarati (I want to say Indian but I don’t know if I can make such a generalisation) people who don’t like Bhinda.
As excited as I was about my finds, they were a bit of a let down.

KB x

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