Blood Orange, Beetroot & Chocolate Loaf

GUYS I had the day off uni and I wasn’t even expecting it! GUYS, I entered Lurpak’s #bakeclub competition. The prize is Joseph Joseph kitchen stuff. GUYS, I LOVE Joseph Joseph stuff. You may have guessed that I spent my day off baking. It was a glorious day. The rain poured outside, I poured chocolate inside. My housemate, Rhona, had the day off too so she played the roll of photography assistant. Rhona and I became friends at uni as we were doing the same course. We bonded over food. Obviously. We spent most of our second year going out for breakfasts around London. It was the best. In fact, I am waiting for Rhona to get home from the gym now, hoping she will cave and decide to go to Pizza Express with me for dinner. I have a voucher and everything.

Ginger Treacle Tart

Christmas part 2!


Upon beginning to write this post, I  discovered that I only had pictures of the tart after it had been made, sorry! Also, I am pretty tired, uni has been go go go since we started back a couple of weeks ago so that means the work has been piling up. As a result of spending hours starting at my computer screen reading research papers, I am gonna keep this post short and sweet. Quite like the pastry used for this tart!

Cheese Straws

This it. The final stretch. I have 10 more weeks of lectures. Then exams. Then I am done. Finished with university. Finished with being a student. Finished with education. AHHH. Crickey. That’s come around quick! To be honest, I will be glad to never have to sit cutting out words from an essay I spent hours writitng. And to never have to revise for awful exams. I wonder how many hours of my life have been spent revising?! Ah well, fingers crossed, it will all be worth it!