Mediterranean Vegetable and Halloumi Pie

Christmas part 1!


There are two questions people always ask me around Christmas time; “do you celebrate Christmas”, and “what do you even eat?!”

People ask me the former for obvious reasons, and the latter, well as a veggie, that’s also obvious. So to answer both those questions in two words; yes and pie.
Not always pie. But more often than not, turkey is replaced with pie.


Mornin’ Sunshine!

I am going to let you in on a little secret. I didn’t think anybody would want to read my blog, turns out a few people actually do! My brother suggested I should create a new twitter account for KB.eats, to be more professional. I am about as professional as a monkey in a top hat. But I did it. You can now follow my daily cooking adventures @KBtweats. Oh yeah, I will also be putting a bit more of what music I have been listening to on my twitter! Now I am about as professional as a monkey in a top hat, with a monocle. I am getting there. I also signed up to Bloglovin’ so you can also follow me and my blog  on there, if you like! There’s facebook and instagram too!
Ok, I am done with the social media selling thing.

My song for the day today is James Brown “Give It Up Turn It Loose”

Cranberry, Orange & Cinnamon Jam

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As you may have noticed, Cranberry and Orange have been a festive favourite of mine. I don’t want to blow my own trumpet or anything but this jam was pretty darn good. The cranberries added a little tartness which is a welcome addition to an otherwise sweet conserve. The cinnamon taste is subtle, some may say too subtle, but as we are talking about jam here, I think, subtle enough! All in all, this jam is perfect for say, homemade croissants! It’s pretty easy to make as well. I did not have a jam thermometer at the time, so it involved a lot of guess work. Last summer I went to an Afternoon Tea cookery class at Waitrose Cooking School, where I learnt a few jam making tricks, which came in handy.
I made this jam in November but I couldn’t blog about it then as it was to be part of the Christmas Hamper I was making for my parents. I was pretty chuffed with the hamper I put together. Take a look…